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Craig is one of Scotland's leading portraiture and figurative artists.  Finalist in the Scottish Portrait Awards 2017.

Craig Campbell was born in Ayrshire , in 1960 . This area of Scotland is abundant with golf courses and playing fields , so it’s not surprising that the majority of his inspiration has come from sport and its personalities. 

Craig studied at The Glasgow School of Art and then spent his early years working in London as a Graphic Illustrator for several of the leading agencies.

His love for all sports, golf in particular, brought him back to his painting.

The outstanding, Cutty Sark.

The Da Vinci Fine Art Event

Da Vinci Fine Art specialises in contemporary and modern art where Craig was pleased to showcase his above paintings in the fine establishment of Parea, Alderley Edge. 


On Sunday 27th October for Tamfest, Craig will present an exhibition of his stunning artwork in Loudoun Hall. This will be far from your normal exhibition and will include quite a few Tamfest surprises!
Craig who is one of Scotland's leading portraiture and
figurative artists has allowed us to use this amazing image that has
not even been released yet to announce this years sub theme for Tamfest which
is "Well Done, Cutty Sark!"
Craig has also been asked to be a Patron at this years event.

Meeting Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan is best known for being in the British boy band, Blue. Formed in 2000, the group released three number one albums and worked along side some of the best in the industry, such as Stevie Wonder and Elton John. It was a pleasure to meet him at the Da Vinci Fine Art Event. 

Meeting Sir Billy Connolly

"The Big Yin" is one of the most iconic faces of Scotland, known best for his stand up comedy but also as a musician, presenter, actor and as well as artist. Billy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2013 which impacts his movement and speech. Speaking on this he said it was an "adventure" that "doesn't frighten me". Craig has been a great supporter of various charities, recently being involved in Light up Scotland Blue for World Parkinson's 2019.  


Craig has had a fantastic career and one of his many highlights was creating Jeff Bezos (Owner of the world renowned online retailer, Amazon) his very own "Being Chased" with him as Tam and his VP's chasing him. 


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